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Kaylee Hilton  and Alec Knight in Naughty Bookworms

Kaylee Hilton - Naughty Bookworms

9th November - Kaylee is disappointed it's the end of the semester, because she's such a good student she wants more work from Mr. Knight. Mr. Knight has other kind of work for her, making sure his "pencil" is sharp and hard. ...Read More
Gia Steel and Tim Cannon in My Sisters Hot Friend

Gia Steel - My Sisters Hot Friend

7th November - After coming home from a speed dating session, Tim comes home to find his sister's friend draped over his couch with her ass up. With nobody else home, this is the perfect opportunity to get with one of his sister's hot friends. ...Read More
Allysin Wonderland and Billy Glide in My Wife's Hot Friend

Allysin Wonderland - My Wife's Hot Friend

26th October - Billy finagled a porn scene for Allysin through his booking agency, but on the day of her shoot she shows up to his home, frantic, telling him she's nervous. Despite being friends with Billy's wife, Allysin begs him to help her . by sticking his big hard dick in her pussy! With the wife out for the day, Billy decides to lend a helping cock to his distressed friend. Little does he know that Allysin really is a good actress... ...Read More
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Hope and Mark Wood in Naughty Bookworms

Hope - Naughty Bookworms

25th October - Hope is not getting the grades she deserves. Professor Woods has a selective study group to raise her grades and his cock.
Madelyn Monroe and Johnny Castle in My Sisters Hot Friend

Madelyn Monroe - My Sisters Hot Friend

21st October - Johnny's sister's friend Madelyn wants him to teach her to play chess because she knows he's good. When he finds out how much of a beginner she is, he tells her he's gonna need something in return because it's gonna take ALL weekend long to teach her. But he doesn't want just anything . he wants to see her nice natural tits. Being the horny brunette she is, Madelyn pulls out her delicious boobs and even lets Johnny touch them.and suck them. Pretty soon she's sucking his hard cock and getting her wet pussy fucked! Checkmate! ...Read More
Baylee Lee and Johnny Castle in I Have a Wife

Baylee Lee - I Have A Wife

21st October - When Johnny's wife is out of town, he counts on his personal assistant Baylee to help him out with all of the errands and running around, but when Baylee heard that Johnny's wife was out of town she was surprised and excited! Baylee is there to help Johnny out with more then his errands! She finds Johnny very attractive and wants his big cock in her little pussy! ...Read More
Serena Marcus and Giovanni Francesco in My First Sex Teacher

Serena Marcus - My First Sex Teacher

20th October - Professor Marcus returns to her classroom to find Giovanni passed out on her classroom floor from studying so hard the night before. Giovanni tries to explain himself, but Miss Marcus really had no interest in what his excuse was for being in her classroom, the only thing Miss Marcus was interested in was his young hard cock! ...Read More
Christina Moure and Kris Slater in My Sisters Hot Friend

Christina Moure - My Sisters Hot Friend

18th October - Christina comes over to her friend's house, looking for her, but the only one there is her friend's brother. She has some new dance moves to show off and needs some pointers. All Kris has for pointers is what's pointing in his pants. ...Read More
Presley Hart and Charles Dera in Naughty Athletics

Presley Hart - Naughty Athletics

14th October - Presley and her friends stop by Charles' house to surprise him and his friend with their new cheer routine for the big football game that evening. Unfortunately, Charles and his friend were kicked off the team for getting in bar fight the night before. Looks like there's nothing else to do but fuck by the pool today. ...Read More
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Vanessa Cage and Jack Lawrence in Fast Times

Vanessa Cage - Fast Times

6th October - Vanessa needs to get into a sorority and the only way to do it is to fuck a professor. Professor Lawrence can't resist when Vanessa shows off her sexy ass and tits. ...Read More
Gia Steel and Alec Knight in Naughty Bookworms

Gia Steel - Naughty Bookworms

5th October - After dismissing his class, Professor Knight finds that one of his students left her bag behind. He opens it up to find out whose it is, and he just so happens to find the original answers to one of his tests. Little Gia Steel then up and walks back into class looking for her bag and finds her teacher rummaging through it. Professor Knight busts her and threatens to call the dean, but Gia and her tight little body are interested in working things out another way . the way that involves her sitting on her teacher's hard cock, then taking his cum shot on her cheek. No harm, no foul! ...Read More
Jazmine Jarako and Chris Johnson in My Sisters Hot Friend

Jazmine Jarako - My Sisters Hot Friend

29th September - Chris moved in with his sister because she has a lot of sexy friends. Unfortunately, he never scored with any of them. Luckily, on the day he's moving out, he's given one last opportunity to bang one of his sister's hot friends. ...Read More